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Not long to go until the Convention in Greenock! The Team are really pleased with the exciting programme of events we have put together for delegates. We know you will have a fantastic time. In our first year organising the Convention the Team would welcome all feedback to help them fine tune your experience. If you have any thoughts during or after Greenock please let the Team know by speaking to them directly or contacting conventionteamibmbr25@gmail .com

The schedule for Greenock is now complete (subject to alteration) and the main details can be found below. Thursday will be a cracking first day with Morgan and West performing the Opening Show and giving a lecture. There will also be a lecture from Obie O’Brien and workshops with Paul Nardini and Peter McLanachan before the Stage Competition in the evening. Friday opens with the AGM and Jeffery Atkins Memorial Lecture by Richard Wiseman in the morning along with the International Close-up featuring Fritz, Obie O’Brien, Geoff Williams, Alan Rorrison and Paul Wilson. Friday also sees the History of Mystery Session, Dealer Dems and the ever popular Ali Bongo Micro Marathon. The evening Comedy Show stars Paul Nardini, Jeff Burns, Geoff Williams and Keith Fields as the MC – Keith enjoyed himself so much at the Convention in Buxton he has asked to come back with different material and we just couldn’t say no! The day is rounded off with the Late Night Bizarre Show featuring Fritz and Luke Eaton. That’s not all, as a ‘first’ for the Convention also happens on Friday. Paul Dabek will be performing his One Man Show in the Studio for the paying public at 5pm. This will be live streamed into the Theatre for delegates to enjoy and Paul will then present a lecture on his One Man Show on Saturday.

Saturday also sees the welcome return of Sooty and Friends, a lecture from Alan Rorrison, The Close-up Competition, the 4F Event, Nostalgia Event and the Gala Show featuring an All Star Line-up: Garry Seagraves, Katie Trickett, Rafael, Mat Ricardo, Geoff Williams, Paul Dabek and Fritz. Remember if you would like tickets to Sooty and Friends, you will need to purchase them direct from The Beacon Box Office – but hurry as they are already on sale and going fast! Sunday is our final fun packed day with the Youth Show, a Masterclass with Neil Stirton and Lectures from Rafael, Fritz and Geoff Williams. Dealers close at 4pm.

The Convention finishes with a Two Man Show starring Elliot Bibby and Cameron Gibson followed by the Installation of our new President, Richard Cadell. Can’t wait for the first day? Never fear, there are still a few spaces left at the optional Wednesday night Welcome Party. If you would like to attend but haven’t yet booked your place at the Convention and/or Welcome Party contact Carol Tynan, Registration Officer at:


Greenock 2017 is the 81st Annual Convention of British Ring 25 since its foundation in 1928. Previous events have been held around the country and are listed here.

President Clive Moore and his lady, Jean Elison, will be delighted to welcome you to Greenock 2017 for four days of Magic Shows, Lectures, Workshops, Dealers and friendships that will last for many years

A travel message from Peter McLanachan written whilst on a journey from London to Scotland.

'Scotland too far to travel for next year’s British Ring Convention? Too expensive to travel to Greenock? Please give me a few minutes of your time and allow me to try to convince you otherwise. However, and before I get started, I should apologise to the Irish members – this article is aimed mostly at potential English and Welsh attendees.

Travelling to and from Scotland is very easy with options by both land and air. Whatever mode of transport you are using, you should aim to travel to Glasgow to then make your connection to Greenock. By far, the easiest is by train. Virgin West Coast trains – here – run several times a day from London Euston to Glasgow Central with major stops in Birmingham, Manchester, Preston and Carlisle. There is also Cross Country Trains – here – who run services from Penzance all the way to Glasgow Central. If you’d rather travel through the night, there is the Caledonian Sleeper which runs overnight from London Euston to Glasgow Central. Once you arrive at Glasgow Central the trains for Greenock are less than 150 yards away and run every 10 to 15 minutes (hourly on a Sunday). Once you arrive in Greenock, you are a 4 minute walk from the Convention venue itself.

Here’s a wee tip for booking your train tickets – train tickets only become available 12 weeks beforehand. That means that if you work out what date you are going to travel home on, then count 12 weeks back from that date to start looking into booking your train tickets to have a better chance of getting the cheapest tickets on offer. Let me try to explain it a better way – 2017 Convention finishes on Sunday 10th September meaning the train tickets for travelling back on that date will become available on or around Sunday 18th June 2017. Also, have a look for best fare finders on the various websites (the one for Virgin Trains is here ) which will help you, as it says, find the best fares. You may end up saving some money on your travel that you can later spend at the dealers!

So, why not come up and see us next September. After all, it’s your turn to visit. We’ll provide the party, OK?'

Neil Stirton    Keith Fields