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Convention Corner July

The Convention Team would like to announce that the Jeffrey Atkins Memorial Lecture at Greenock will be given by Richard Wiseman. Richard began his working life as a professional magician and is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle. He completed his PhD at the University of Edinburgh and currently holds Britain’ only Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology (University of Hertfordshire). In 2016 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Abertay University for his work into the public understanding of science. He has written several bestselling popular psychology books (including The Luck FactorQuirkology, and 59 Seconds), and has sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Richard was listed in the Independent On Sunday’ top 100 people who make Britain a better place to live, and has acted as a consultant for Derren Brown, Brain Games, Your Bleeped Up Brain, and Mythbusters.  

Also appearing will be:

Alan Rorrison. Alan is a professional magician from Scotland who specialises in close-up and sleight of hand magic. He is a highly creative leading consultant in magic for TV and stage productions and has appeared on Penn and Teller’ Fool Us.

Cameron Gibson: Cameron is a professional close-up magician and mentalist based in Scotland. He performs extremely modern magic in a very fun and quirky style. He is completely fascinated with the impossible and the mysterious and wants to bring it to as many people as he possibly can and to bring magic into the 21st century. He has appeared in the Edinburgh Fringe in one-man mind-reading shows “ind Your Head” “HINK” and “OWER”in 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively; and previous clients  of his include Edinburgh based charity “t’Good2Give” Virgin Media, TEDxUniversityOfGlasgow,, GSA Sport, ROX Jewellers, KPMG and the British Red Cross!

Elliott Bibby: Elliott’ passion for entertaining started when he was young after receiving a simple trick for Christmas. He perfected his skills by practicing, reading about other magician’ experiences from the Great Houdini to the Great local magicians in Scotland, and then practicing some more. He is a multi-award winner and travels the country and indeed the world, performing his unique style of magic, and has entertained some of the top entertainers, corporate leaders and sportsmen in Europe.

Gala Show News: This year at Greenock there will be two Gala Show performances. Delegates will automatically be given a ticket to the second show but if you would prefer a ticket to the earlier performance please contact the Registration Officer to state your preference before the end of August 2017.

Accommodation news: Looking for alternative ideas for your accommodation in Greenock, why not try Airbnb ( and discover a home from home to experience Greenock like a local!


Greenock 2017 is the 81st Annual Convention of British Ring 25 since its foundation in 1928. Previous events have been held around the country and are listed here.

President Clive Moore and his lady, Jean Elison, will be delighted to welcome you to Greenock 2017 for four days of Magic Shows, Lectures, Workshops, Dealers and friendships that will last for many years

A travel message from Peter McLanachan written whilst on a journey from London to Scotland.

'Scotland too far to travel for next year’s British Ring Convention? Too expensive to travel to Greenock? Please give me a few minutes of your time and allow me to try to convince you otherwise. However, and before I get started, I should apologise to the Irish members – this article is aimed mostly at potential English and Welsh attendees.

Travelling to and from Scotland is very easy with options by both land and air. Whatever mode of transport you are using, you should aim to travel to Glasgow to then make your connection to Greenock. By far, the easiest is by train. Virgin West Coast trains – here – run several times a day from London Euston to Glasgow Central with major stops in Birmingham, Manchester, Preston and Carlisle. There is also Cross Country Trains – here – who run services from Penzance all the way to Glasgow Central. If you’d rather travel through the night, there is the Caledonian Sleeper which runs overnight from London Euston to Glasgow Central. Once you arrive at Glasgow Central the trains for Greenock are less than 150 yards away and run every 10 to 15 minutes (hourly on a Sunday). Once you arrive in Greenock, you are a 4 minute walk from the Convention venue itself.

Here’s a wee tip for booking your train tickets – train tickets only become available 12 weeks beforehand. That means that if you work out what date you are going to travel home on, then count 12 weeks back from that date to start looking into booking your train tickets to have a better chance of getting the cheapest tickets on offer. Let me try to explain it a better way – 2017 Convention finishes on Sunday 10th September meaning the train tickets for travelling back on that date will become available on or around Sunday 18th June 2017. Also, have a look for best fare finders on the various websites (the one for Virgin Trains is here ) which will help you, as it says, find the best fares. You may end up saving some money on your travel that you can later spend at the dealers!

So, why not come up and see us next September. After all, it’s your turn to visit. We’ll provide the party, OK?'

Richard Wiseman